Plant Monitor

WATER TRACKING: The Plant Monitor will not only ensure youknow when your plant needs water but also that it gets the right amount of water.

LIGHT TRACKING: The built-in light sensor will let you know ifyour plant is getting too much, too little orjust enough light throughout the day!

TEMP TRACKING: Every plant has different temperature needsand with the Plant Monitor App you can makesure your plant is in the perfect environment.

FERTILIZER TRACKING: The Plant Monitor is built with four electrical conductivity (EC) sensors that actively fertilizer levels in the soil.


Why do I have to create an account?

This is to “bind” or take ownership of the monitor so only you have access to the data through the app, unless you provide caregiver access.

Can I let someone temporarily take care of my plant?

You can grant someone temporary care of your plant. Ask the new caregiver to download the app and bind the Plant Monitor. Once this is complete, the caregiver will be offered the option of Temporary Care. This will allow the new caregiver to observe your plants while you are away.

Will the Plant Monitor work with plants that have large leaves?

The Plant Monitor will work with any type of plant. For the best connection and the most accurate light reading, make sure the top of the Plant Monitor remains uncovered by leaves.

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